Types of Countertops Available in the Market

Countertops bring elegance and many advantages to your home, based on the type of countertop you choose. There are various types of countertops available in the market. Each is different from other.

Some are durable, resistant to heat, strains etc. So, based on the needs of your home you need to choose one among them. So, would you like to know the various types of countertops that are available in the market, then continue reading this article.

Some of the types of coutertops are:

Engineered countertops
Engineered stone is made up of crushed stone when bounded with polymer resin. It is a composite material. Engineered stones come in variety of colors and materials. These engineered stones are mostly preferred as a kitchen countertops because of its flexibility and hardness than the natural stone. Engineered stone countetops can be produced with various thicknesses. They are heat and stain resistant.

Solid surface coutertops
Solid surfaces countertops are manmade. They are good alternative to stone surfaces. These surfaces are perfect choices for you kitchen. These countertops requires very less maintenance which can last for many years. Solid surface has the qualities like stain, heat and moisture resistant. As they are man made they come in variety of colors, patterns and finishes. Most of these countetops are available at affordable costs.

Polished countertops
Polished countertops are smooth and are usually bright and clean. These countertops are mostly found in the homes with classic look. These are top choices of the many homes today. As they are polished all the pores of the surface are closed, so that it becomes easy for cleaning and maintenance. They are more durable. During the polishing process the stone may appear in various colors and finally it comes in mirror like finish. Polished stone countertops retain shine for long time.

Honed countertops
These countertops are also smooth as of polished ones without any bumps or ridges, but doesn’t shine. They are soft with plain looking and appears to be like a natural stone. But, this honed countertops stain than the polished countertops. To make it look beautiful you can add color enhancer on it before you seal it. This will cover all the marks or stains of your countertops.

Lightweight countertops
Some countertops like natural stones are more in weight and are hard to install them or change them whenever necessary. Some, lightweight countertops avoid this disadvantage. Lightweight stone or concrete countertops are made using some shale, slate, etc. at some specified temperatures. This weighs less than the normal countertops but, this lightweight countertops are not that great when compared to the ordinary ones.

Choose a stone based on the needs of your home or kitchen, you can use any of the choices discussed here.