Ways to Improve Your Language Vocabulary

Vocabulary involves words used in language, when writing and speaking. Having a good grasp on the vocabulary important to make your expression more effective. If your vocabulary is weak, you should read this article. A little effort daily can improve your vocabulary tremendously. Here, we have listed few ways through which you can improve the vocabulary.

Set some practical goals
Realistic goals are necessary to achieve anything. So, make a resolution of learning vocabulary every day at least for 15 minutes. In this way, you will be able to at least retain 10-15 words.

Read newspaper
Hindu booksNewspapers are a good source for learning new words, their vocabulary and pronunciation. Make it a habit to read newspaper, new books, etc. People who read a lot develop good vocabulary and there is no doubt in it. You should also make a note of all the new words, find their meaning in the dictionary and practice them.

Make use of online courses and materials
Some online courses teaches you the vocabulary of the particular language, signup for such courses. You can also have unlimited stuff in the internet. So try to pick some articles on your topic of interest and read them, you can come across various new words while you are reading.

Learn pronunciation
You can learn pronunciation of the new words are read using phonetic symbols.

Group learning improves skills
If you are able to find friends who are also trying to improve their vocabulary, then form a group and share new words and phrases among the group. With this you can observe lot of improvement in learning vocabulary.

Focus on phrases
Daily communication involves several phrases, so try to remember these phrases and use it when necessary. This will eliminate your stress to build your sentence from scratch.

Learn root words
Root words are the words from which the new words develop by adding suffixes or prefixes to the root words, so if you know the root word then you can easily learn a list of associated words.
Revise and revise

Not just learning and forgetting, you need to keep revising them. Better use those words in the daily conversation whenever necessary as soon as you learn them, then the chances of forgetting them will be less. Apart form this keep a particular day in a week to revise all the words that you have learned, and apply them to your daily vocabulary.

These are the best few ways through which you can improve the vocabulary of any language. So, try following these tips and learn vocabulary.