Online Advertising Strategies

There are different online advertising strategies to bring customers to one’s website. You can convert this traffic to paying customers. In order to get more and more customers, advertisers are using different strategies. Below are some popular strategies.

Banner ads
ad servingBanner ads is one of the simplest form of online advertisement. Banner ads appears in small rectangular box, it will have image, graphic and some times text and animations. HTML code is inserted to the image. So by clicking on the box user is navigated to the advertisers website. Banner ads will appears on web pages in different sizes and different shapes.

Floating ads
ad serversWhen you open a web page you will notice some advertisements moving across the web page. This type of advertisement is called floating ads. This type of ad catches users attention.

PPC ads and Campaigns
PPC is nothing but pay per click. Advertisers will pay to the publisher when the user opens the ads. The advertiser will pay the publisher on the basis of number of times the ad was clicked.

Social media ads
ad server solutionsSocial media ads are nothing but advertising through social networking sites. Like Face book, Linked in, Twitter, etc. One of the main advantage of social media ads are they can reach more number of people. Because now a days every one is using social networking sites. Advertisers can easily reach their targeted audience for their campaigns.

Blog posting
ad serverBlog posting is another way of advertising. By creating a blog with informative data you can tell about your services and products. In order to achieve your target you need to regularly update your blog.

Article marketing
By submitting informative articles to article directories you can advertise your product/service. But the article must be relevant to your product. This will give a positive impression on your business.