Some Advancements in Industrial Ventilation System

Centrifugal FanWith the course of time many systems have been upgraded. Similarly, in the case of ventilation system a non-conventional means of circulation of air has come into existence. The most recent one is the use of wind energy to circulate the air. The geometry of the system is designed in a manner such that a very low velocity breeze will tend to make the air circulation possible.

Turbo ventilation system

  • The turbo roof ventilators are no energy, low cost, low operating cost devices.
  • The turbo ventilation system is effective in draining the hot air and industrial pollutants such as dust, poisonous gases, humidity, fumes, heat, odor and other pollutant particles from the working area.
  • These are weather proof, rain leak proof and can withstand very high wind velocity and extreme climatic condition.
  • The installation of the turbo ventilation is very simple as it does not disturb the existing structure of the building.
  • These do not require any electricity, motor, and wiring are far more efficient than conventional motorized ventilation system.Centrifugal Fan
  • The main source of energy for this type of ventilation system is the natural wind available. Turbo ventilation system provides safe, cool and healthier environment by removing the entrapped heat, moisture and industrial pollutants.
  • The operation of the turbo ventilation system is, using the full velocity energy of the wind, it induces airflow by centrifugal force and draws the hot air in the turbines towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine.
  • In detail the working can be explained as, the rotation of the vanes creates centrifugal force. This centrifugal force then creates a low pressure region which draws air from inside.
  • The important benefit of the turbo ventilators is that it uses renewable source of energy i.e. wind energy. The construction of the turbo ventilation system is strong and more importantly light weight.
  • The different parts in the ventilation system are made of stainless steel and aluminum.
  • If the turbo ventilation system is given the aid of very less electric power, it still can work in very adverse situations and can be proved to be the most effective ventilation system that can make the working environment safer and more effective for a living being.

Some features of this kind of ventilation system are:

  • Uses Non-conventional energy.Centrifugal Fan
  • No electricity bills.
  • Investment of the ventilation system is recovered in less time.
  • Heavy structures are not installed in the top of the roof.
  • Less vibrations.
  • Works 24 hours in the 365 days period of time.
  • Maintenance cost are very less when compared to the conventional type of ventilation system.
  • Suitable for all kinds of buildings and explosive environments.

The latest advancement in the ventilation system was the need for a low cost, renewable source and most importantly a low maintenance system.