Impact of Intrusive Interstitial on Mobile Users

Intrusive Interstitial

Intrusive interstitial are basically pop up ads. Intrusive interstitial provides poor experience to users, when they cannot access the information immediately. This is an act of advertising in between the search of an user. For mobile devices this becomes as a problematic situation, because the screen size of mobiles are often smaller.
If the user faces this problem, then immediately they prefer to visit other sites for the same content.
This may bring down the experience of the user and the ranking of the webpages as well in search engines. So to improve the quality of searching on mobile devices, Google has started to rank down such web pages where the content is not easily accessible.

Impact of Interstitial Ads on Different Ways

  • When playing the games on mobile application and in between the popup appears for advertising something. It breaks the continuity of interest user towards a particular game application. And also, starts decreasing the amount of users using such applications.
  • While reading the information on a particular topic the ad covers the main content. This is quite distracting and makes the user to look forward for different sites, for the same matter.
  • While watching videos, some irrelevant ad appears, which may not at all needed. This can make the viewers miss those happy moments of watching their favorite videos.

Why Intrusive Interstitial not Good for Mobile Users?
Intrusive interstitial becomes less productive from customer point of view as it blocks the access of web pages and decreases the value of the time. This make the users to wait until they get the content which they are looking for. In between their web search, content appears unreadable and it may result in displaying incomplete information. This can make the users frustrated as they will not be able to access the information completely.

Users feel such situations annoying when the page becomes unresponsive while trying to close the visited page. Also, sometimes the popups may appear repeatedly even after closing, which can make them lose interest towards the searched result.
To overcome from questionable interstitial that creates problem for user, they are categorized as:

  • The pages shows pop up and hide the main content, makes the user to switch on another page from the search result. Or else, when they look up for the information through the web page.
  • Appearing of full screen standalone interstitial above the header of the website, typically forcing the users to view the ad before they get access to the main webpage content.
  • The third will be like a regular pop-up but with full screen, blocking the main contents of the page.

Exceptional Cases Where the Interstitials are Not Treated as Negative:

  • The interstitial which deals with the things like usage of cookie for the purpose of age verification
  • If the script is used for login on different sites where the content is not used for public purpose. That would include, private content like email or such private information where the user have to get the subscription for usage of provided services.
  • Promotional ads which use only reasonable amount of screen space

Benefits for the Users if Interstitial Will Not Occur

  • Will give the chance to the user to have a better search experience of web pages for different content.
  • Attract more users to get benefited through the online services.
  • Add a value addition in search to have a proper and result oriented access.
  • Will be helpful to provide the good ranking to such web pages who are able to attract more users with their useful web pages.