Programming Languages for Web Development

software product engineeringWeb development basically a method of creating a website, consists of single to many pages and requires various actions like programming, web designing, creating content and security tasks. With continuous increase in demand of web technology, it has become imperative for organizations or businesses to have a website for serving users in a better way.

One of the important factors in web development process is to have a good knowledge of programming language. The programming languages provide instructions (command or syntax) for creating web pages or programs in such a way that it enhances user experience.

Every web programming language is different, as they are created on different platforms and for specific requirements. Web developers choose programming languages based on their choice and requirement of web development.

Popular programming language for web development

1. JAVA (Just Another Virtual Architecture)
JAVA is developed by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. It is widely popular for web development because of its flexibility in programming. The program model which is called OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) provides flexibility to function on various platforms such as Mac OS, windows UNIX, LINUX etc. Some programs written for windows OS can also be used for Mac operating system.

Apart from web development, JAVA is a perfect platform for enterprise application development and specific mobile and game apps development. Example: Some popular sites that use Java programming are Amazon, LinkedIn, eBay etc.

2. JAVA Script
Unlike Java which is OPPS programming language, JAVA Script is based on OPPS scripting language and has lots of demand in creation and development of websites. JAVA Script is allows client side scripting where the code directly runs on browser without the need of compiler or plug-ins.

JAVA Script is developed by Netscape and acquired code from C language which makes it suitable for handling non web based things like PDFs, widgets and mostly used for desktop applications and for developing computer games.

3. PHP
PHP called Hypertext Preprocessor developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and launched in the market in 1995. It is HTML embedded language that provides free server side scripting, used mainly in web development for generating web pages and web apps easily. PHP allows to add dynamic features to your webpage which a HTML alone cannot do, such as collecting user information, creating graphics, interacting with databases etc.

4. Python
Python is high level programming language and easy for beginners to learn and understand. It is object oriented programming language with class based interface which can be used for any web programming task from simple scripting to data analysis. Python also supports other languages like JAVA and C++ if required.
Apart from this it’s also armed with features like large library, dynamic type system and even supports automatic memory management. Some popular search engine websites Google, Yahoo are supported by python and also apps like Instagram.

RUBY is object oriented language generally used for mobile apps and websites. Ruby is open source platform and user-friendly. Writing coding in ruby is simple and easy to understand.

Developers use advance version of RUBY i.e Rails that requires knowledge of JAVA scripting. RUBY based platforms that make use of this programming language are Twitter, Scribd and Groupon etc.