Benefits of Container Gardening

What is container gardening?

Container gardening more popularly referred to as pot gardening is the common method of growing plants in pots instead of on the grounds. Container gardening involves the growing of both edible and non-edible plants in enclosed pots that comprise boxes, tubs, baskets, tins, hanging baskets, or even barrels. The specialty of container gardening is that it is suitable for those who have limited space and time for gardening. At the same time, pot gardening is also practiced by the ones who live in an area where the soil is not much suitable for the growing of plants. The benefit of this form of gardening is that it protects the plants from soil borne diseases and the gardeners have more control on the moisture, temperature, and sunlight.

Benefits of Container Gardening

If you have an iota of doubt about container gardening then it is a good idea that you look below for some of the benefits that are associated with pot gardening.

  • Container gardening is synonymous with versatility. This is because when you are not dependant on the availability of open land space you can grow your potted plants in all possible places like the balcony, the courtyard, the patio, window sills which have adequate light.

  • This form of gardening adds variety to your garden. This means on the ground it may not be possible to grow two plants beside each other which have different soil requirement but while you grow your plants in a pot, you can do that with ease.

  • Accessibility is another benefit that is closely associated with container gardens. This is because sometimes it may not be possible for the children or the elderly to move to the backyard and enjoy the beauty of a garden. But when you have a pot garden it is easily accessible both by the elderly and the children. Thus, the beauty and freshness of a garden can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  • With container gardens you can be almost sure that there will be no problem of weeding. This is because the surface area is small and so it would be difficult for the weed seeds to find their way into the pots.

  • Less maintenance is one of the lucrative features of a pot garden. As the plants grow on pots, there is almost no need for heavy tools to dig the soil and make it suitable for the growing of plants.

  • Container garden means that plants have some amount of mobility. Consequently, you will be able to move the plants to a shadier or a sunny location depending on the requirement of the plant.

  • More flexibility is also another advantage of pot gardens. This means that once a plant finishes off with its flowering or fruit bearing cycle you can easily replace it with another plant based on your personal taste.

Last but not the least, container gardens enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home by adding a dash of greenery and freshness around your living space.