Why LED Lights?

Are you interested in saving money and protect the environment with your lighting solution? Then switching to LED lighting is the most feasible answer. LED bulbs are the future of the lighting industry. This particularly is due to the many benefits that are associated with the LED lights. However, before you start using these lights it is important that you have an idea of the many advantages associated with it.

Why should you switch to LED lights?

First of all, LED lights are simple to install and they can be fitted into the existing socket. Hence, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting immediately.

Besides, there are numerous benefits of the light emitting diodes.

  1. LEDs require less energy to power and hence they will help you to save around 80% of electricity when compared to the consumption of electricity with the traditional light bulbs. Hence, in addition to households, LED lights can be a great choice for business houses where the lights are kept on for longer durations for security reasons.

  2. LED lights have a longer life span. For example, if a LED light is used for 3 hours on an average per day it will last for around 22 years. At the same time, as LED lights do not have filaments they are more robust. The result is that there is no need to maintain as well as replace the LED lights frequently.

In fact, with the use of LED lights the saving comes in two ways.

  • First of all, the savings per year is more as less energy is used by the LED lights

  • Secondly, as LED lights last for around 20 years you can expect to save on the replacement of lights

  1. Unlike the incandescent bulbs which contain mercury, the LED lights are non-toxic for the environment. Hence, the LED lights seem more beneficial for the environment. This is because when there is less mercury usage it is certain to be beneficial for the environment. Thus, with the use of LED lights you are actually able to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

  2. With the use of LED lights it has been seen that the instances of road accidents have reduced by around 15% during the daytime.

  3. Studies have proved that LED lights attract fewer insects unlike the traditional bulbs. Hence, the need for cleaning and maintenance is also lesser.

  4. The specialty of LED lights is that they are available in different color, shades, and shapes. Thus, they are the perfect choice to set the mood and the ambience of a place.

LED lights are not affected by the outside temperature condition and that is one of the primary reasons as to why LED lights are a preferred form of outdoor lighting.

It can be concluded saying that LED lighting is the future of the lighting industry. With the prices being lowered the return on investment for LED lights have become even shorter. So now is the time when you should switch to LED lights.