A List of Creative Hobbies

When you are crossing a rough patch and everything seem to be taking a toll on your body and soul, best way to escape it is pursuing some creative hobby. This way you are not only channelizing your energy towards something positive and constructive, you are also diverting your mind from the rumination or a constant nag of negative thoughts. Usually, this is the best time to rejuvenate and resurrect your old passion that has become dormant over the years due to excessive stress and different priorities. Let us discuss some of the creative hobbies for a healing effect. And if you think you are really good at it, it can be your alternative source of income as well.

  • living-smartly.comStitching and Quilting Awaken your creative esprit with stitching and quilting. If you are new at it, start with something mundane and where you get the raw materials without spending much money. Start with quilting. With different colourful fabrics available at home, you will have to buy the sheet and the inner fleece only. You will be amazed to find how much love, dedication and concentration can be conveyed. Appreciation will boost your talent as well as spirit. Gradually, move on to sofa covers, Halloween costumes and so on. Believe me, there is no dearth of ideas and occasions.

  • Gardening How can we discuss creative hobbies and not mention gardening! Gardening brings you closer to Mother Earth and reduces the stress causing cortisol hormone. This is an established scientific fact. Several studies have shown that people pursuing gardening as their hobby turn out to be happier than them who prefer reading books or cycling. But apart from that you can put your creativity into it to satisfy that creative person in you which will make you even more happy. Designing the garden, arranging the flower beds, deciding the colour scheme and what not! Terrace garden, patio garden and theme garden are the different avenues where you can put your efforts.

  • Writing For someone who loves writing, there cannot be a better way to unwind. Its true you cannot become a literary sensation overnight, but that is not your aim either. These days, writing blogs, making own websites for travel journals and replying to the articles published online gives everyone a chance to pursue this passion. And if your creativity matches with someone who is looking for this talent, it might get you your dream job as well.

  • Drawing and Painting Art therapy has been quite common in helping people with depression. It can do wonder for them who has lost every hope from the life. As a last resort, they have listened to their mentors and tried using pencil and paint brush and viola, they discovered the fire that was long buried inside without their knowledge. You will get ample of such incidences. There can be no better way to express your feelings in canvas.

  • Cooking We all love eating. And if you want to pursue this as your hobby, you will never feel lonely again because your home will be brimming with friends. It is a win-win situation for both you and your guests. You are pursuing your hobby and winning accolades for that and at the same time, your friends are getting treated with goodies cooked and baked by you.