What Is A Gig Worker? Which Areas Is It More Popular?

The term “gig worker” is directly related to gig economy, which is marked by recruiting people on part-time basis where the payment is made for individual tasks. There is no fixed salary.

It is observed that the US is progressing in the direction of giving itself the identity of a gig economy. As on date, approximately 30 percent of the working people of USA are in the position of gig workers.  In light of that, it is just logical to state that more people are going to work in a manner so as to be classed as gig workers.

The continuously-evolving digital technologies pose a serious risk to the future of few conventional jobs. But the gig economy’s growth has brought in element of security of job. Here, “security of job” must not be interpreted in the customary way, as here it refers only to availability of countless gig jobs.

The points covered above highlight the significance of the concept of “gig workers”. Therefore, it’ll just be appropriate to speak about some primary features of the job profile of a typical gig worker:

  • A gig worker is concerned only with executing the assigned tasks and not on having permanent career with an organization.
  • Usually, gig workers make an extensive use of technologies like internet, to make sure that they don’ lag behind in the gig economy.
  • Many of these workers do not confine themselves to just one company/organization. They undertake different tasks from several entities and as a direct outcome of that, their incomes are on par with that seen in regular employment.
  • Benefits like accident insurance, health insurance and retirement accounts, among others, have become accessible to contemporary gig workers.
  • These workers are now enabled even to avail several benefits related to taxes.
  • As a matter of fact, the trend now is such that many people already having regular employment are also opting gig jobs. The primary motive here obviously is to bring about a rise in earnings.
  • It is estimated that when the total working class of USA is taken into consideration, nearly half of the people earn almost 50 percent of their income through gig jobs.
  • It’s quite interesting to observe that more than 50 percent of gig workers, in the US, have no intention whatsoever to return to full-time employment.

At this juncture, we need to have basic understanding of some of the more popular areas, with respect to gig jobs.

  • ad servingJobs of deep learning: Several jobs of deep learning are now available to gig workers, due to noteworthy increase in usage of artificial intelligence. Here, gig workers are getting opportunities to work as software engineers, data scientists and machine learning engineers, etc.  
  • Robotics: It was opined that robotics would eliminate jobs for people, in initial stages of robotics. But the current scene in market totally contradicts that view, for more jobs in this discipline are available to gig workers than ever before! Gig workers are essaying the crucial role of designing and developing numerous technical components necessary in the avenue of robotics. 
  • Ethical hacking: Many gig workers adept in programming and coding are now serving many institutions/organizations as ethical hackers. In this way, they are contributing their mite in tackling cyber crime!
  • Virtual reality: This is one more area where freelance workers (gig workers) are thriving, in no uncertain terms. People experienced in 3D modeling & scanning and possessing knowledge of specific computer languages are making good money, in the realm.