Some Practical Ways to Relieve Stress

In the contemporary era, you wouldn’t find anyone who is not familiar with the term “stress.” But it was only about sixty years back that that has been recognized as an issue that can imperil the well-being of people. And, the fact that abnormally high levels of stress have become an inevitable part of present-day life warrants no special mention.

Not withstanding the above points, there is no need for you to press the panic button. For, there are many practical ways to relieve stress and this article is going to educate about these very key aspects.

This article does not just cover one type of de-stressing – we cover a variety of topics from gardening, music, to just taking lot of rest. Thus, set aside all apprehensions and continue to read.

  • Listen to music: When one is confronted with a gravely stressful circumstance where getting some respite becomes the only priority, music is a thing that you can count upon. Listen to slow, soothing music and it won’t be too long before you start to feel rejuvenated. Drop-in cortisol level and decline in blood pressure are the positives attributable to music.
  • Interact with a friend: Do you feel that there is no answer to the stress you are facing? In most of these situations, an interaction with a friend is all that it takes for you to get into a relaxed mode! Just confide your issues with someone close and you’ll automatically feel unburdened.
  • Stay away from smoking and drinking: If you are serious about beating stress, consider that smoking and drinking are prohibited for you. Both nicotine and alcohol do nothing other than aggravating the already-present stress.
  • Physical exercise: When the hormones related to stress get metabolized properly, stress vanishes faster than what you anticipate. An exercise like a walk in the park with plants and trees is even better. The greenery not only adds to the aesthetics but it also gives fresh oxygen. This precisely is what you can achieve, when the physical exercise gets included in your everyday routine.
  • Adequate sleep: Many times, a night of completely undisturbed sleep is a wonderful panacea for stress. Hence, take the required steps to ensure that your night-time sleep remains unaffected. Bathe with warm water before going to bed. Likewise, during evenings; don’t engage yourselves in any work/task that makes you mentally exhausted. 
  • Appropriate diet: The importance of an appropriate diet in keeping you free from stress can never be overstated. Refrain from the consumption of fatty and sugary foods and make sure that your staple diet is inclusive of vegetables and fruits.
  • Laughter: It’s not without a valid reason that laughter is called as being the best medicine. With respect to managing stress, laughter benefits you in two ways: It not just enhances the number of endorphins but also diminishes the quantity of adrenaline and cortisol, the hormones of stress.
  • Gardening: A write-up of various ways to alleviate stress will be left incomplete if it doesn’t speak of gardening. Gardening activities like planting trees, watering plants, etc, makes you feel connected to Mother Nature. And, this combats stress in no uncertain terms. You don’t need a lot of space to do gardening. Even a small back yard will do. If you live in an apartment, then just the balcony space is good enough for some gardening.

Several research studies point out that when any stressful activity is followed by gardening work, there is a marked decline in stress. There’s nothing surprising in that, as working in the midst of nature gives you a calming experience.  So, those are the ways in which you can keep stress at bay. You can use any of the above ways in finding a suitable way of leading a more relaxed life.