PATS reports on Teen Drug Trends

A report from Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS) 2005 discovered various key trends on teen drug abuse. Statistics of PATS survey confirmed following facts:

  • The abusing prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medications have increased
  • One in five teens approximately 4.5 million teens reported abusing prescription medications to get high
  • Nearly one-third of teens, nearly 31 percent believed that there is “nothing wrong” with using Rx medicines without a prescription once in a while
  • More than half of teens did not agree strongly that using cough medicines to get high is risky


Troubling facts:

  • Parents are unable to understand the behavior of intentionally abusing medications
  • Parents are not discussing the risks involved in abuse of prescription and non-prescription drugs with their children, especially the cough syrups
  • Internet accessibility and loose e-commerce enforcement makes easier to get high

These all facts clearly state that the present and future of the teens look gloomy with increase in drug abuse.

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