Gaming Fanatics Show Hallmarks Of Drug Addiction

Believe it or not, computer games may trigger drug abuse habit. According to Sabine Grusser report, excessive computer gaming has the hallmarks of drugs addiction. It was concluded when many patients were admitted and their parents and family members calling for help.

Learning is an important mechanism of addiction. In becoming addicted, people start to associate, which are neutral with the object.

In an experiment of which included 15 people in their 20s admitted that gaming had disturbed their work and socializing from their lives. Further, excessive computer game players showed classic signs of craving when they were presented with freeze-frames. They desperately wanted to play and expected to feel better once they did and fully intended to re-indulge again as soon as possible.

It all because addictions stem from relying too heavily on one’s strategy, which eventually becomes the only activity which can activate the dopamine system and brings person relief. “It’s the same mechanism in all Drug addicts cases.

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