Substance Abuse Awareness at DSS

The substance abuse prevention week at Dunnville Secondary School, was an interesting one, showing a performance by hypnotist Robert Maxwell, and also a video and presentation regarding  the dangers of substance abuse and the effects of those risks.

The hallways of DSS were filled with many different posters, inspiring students to attend and take part in the events and presentations related to substance abuse prevention.

One of the presentations consisted of a video, named ‘The Ripple Effect’, which emphasized elaborate stories and interviews of people and families who have been directly influenced by either taking bad decisions themselves when they are intoxicated, or due to another person’s decisions, resulting both events ending tragically.

Hypnotist Robert Maxwell inspired the students by hypnotizing student volunteers, cheering up the mood of the crucial topic in the process.

The substance abuse prevention week, which is an yearly event at DSS is intended to teach students about the dangers of making the wrong judgment, so that they can see when they themselves, and also those around them, are at risk of addiction, and how they can avoid it. This helps the students not to risk their own lives and also the lives of others by taking the wrong decisions.

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