Moonlight Garden Design Ideas to Enjoy Night

It’s very interesting to create a moonlight garden design to enjoy your gardens at nights. One can sit in such garden area and enjoy or relax well in nights as many people often do not find time to spend in gardens in this busy lifestyle. Have a look on some creative design ideas to enhance your garden appeal.

Including plants with night blooming flowers is an excellent idea to create moonlight garden design. Night blooming flowers only bloom at night when the weather is cool and specific new hosts of pollinating insects come to play. Evening primroses, moonflower, angel’s trumpet, lilac, cottage pink and fairy lily are some of the night-flowering and fragrant plants that you can plant in your garden. Choose flowering plants with white, pale pink, yellow and lavender colors. Also better select the plants which have cool fragrances. Flowering plants with such fragrance and attractive appearance make the garden space more welcoming. Apart from flowering plants, even plants with specific leaves that reflect light can be added in a moonlight garden. Select plants with variegated leaves having patches of a light and dark color. Appropriate locations should be chosen for planting these various kinds. If you have lesser garden space, consider arranging these plants in pots in your porch or balcony or patio. Ensure that they are regularly maintained and watered as per their needs.

Adding decorative elements like water features further beautifies the moonlight garden. An elegant waterfall or water ponds having water lily and a few goldfish can be included. The water features may reflect the moonlight around and brighten the surrounding garden area.

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