Narrow Garden Ideas for Your Small Space

Though interested, many home owners get disappointed with limited or smaller space in their yard. However, many creative garden ideas can turn your narrow space in to a beautiful garden. Have a look at some of the narrow garden ideas.

Garden walls built in the limited narrow space facilitates have additional space. They become an effective support for the growth of elegant varieties of vines. Simply plant a vine at the base of the wall and allow it to grow straight up along the wall to add beauty. Even, placing small potted plants on the top of the wall is better idea. However, a right choice of the size and type of the container is necessary. Colorful flowering plants grown in pots or containers upgrade blossom and beauty of the smaller garden. Be careful to select plants with both smaller and larger flowers. In addition, attractive styles of containers further enhance the garden décor. Plant containers is more preferred for narrow gardens as they offer flexibility in placement by offering minimal ground space. Lining small plants in front of the garden wall or hedge adds growing space.

Ensure that you divide the garden into different sections with specific themes. Consider including a herb garden, flower garden and a vegetable garden. Separate them with designed borders. Though the area is smaller, with distinct divisions, the garden seems to be occupying more space.

Another interesting idea for a narrow garden is to add heights. You can prefer taller trees. Add a pergola and allow growth of different kinds of plants on it. Even raised beds with rocks in a narrow garden helps to raise its roof. Easy-care plants grown along the garden avoids problems in the limited space.

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