Fake K2 Abuse Health Concerns are Increasing: CVPH Medical Center

The CVPH Medical center in Plattsburgh, has seen a drastic increase in the number of people admitting in their emergency department, suffering complications from a synthetic form of marijuana. Most of them are in critical condition and this shows the severity in the condition of drug abuse.

After observing the cases which are admitted with severe complications, they reported some of the symptoms of serious conditions. The symptoms vary from high agitation and anxiety to hallucinations and paranoia. And the most common thing was the elevated heart rates. While the normal heart rates stand at 60-80, the rates of synthetic cannabis patients will experience 120-140.

The experts from the medical center also added saying that there is no good treatment for the patients admitted for smoking pot. The staff of the emergency department are mostly observing patients until the chemicals are flushed from the system. Unlike other drugs, K2 will not show up on drug screening and even though the patients admitted that they used K2, it leads to further complications in treating the patients.

Many of the patients fear to come to the treatment by thinking that becomes legal. To avoid this situation the management is planning to educate the staff. Since K2 use is not illegal, the patients can undoubtedly get treatment for that .

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency has taken emergency measures to ban several chemicals present in the synthetic product, however the temporary court injunction has halted DEA’s emergency efforts. Since several states have already banned fake pot, New York is also considering the case.