Mexico Hits the Record Output of Auto in US

Mexican production of cars and light weight vehicles rose 240,080 units in March 2011, a 23 percent rise from the same month a year earlier. Exports of vehicles rose 17.8 percent month to 192,783 units. March’s output and exports had set a monthly record in the industry.

Domestic sales were found to increase 14.8 percent to 75,125 vehicles. Mexico shipped 120,947 units, or 62.7 percent of cars and light trucks were exported to the U.S in March. Latin America stood second, buying 16 percent of Mexico’s auto exports in March, followed by Europe with 10.3 percent.

Mexican industry increasing the production of cars and parts and has generated $64.9 billion in the last year according to the report by Citigroup Inc.’s Banamex unit.

Highlights of the year sales:

  • Mexico auto production in first half hits record 1.23 million light vehicles
  • Industry is estimated to achive production record in 2011 of about 2.3 million units
  • First-half of 2011, exports reach record 1.02 million, with Latin America showing brisk growth

Mexico’s AMIA has stated that, output has increased 19.4 percent from May a year earlier, while exports rose 21.3 percent.