Growth Observed in US Auto Sales for January, 2012

With auto sales in US for January grew at positive rates. US auto industry reported its sales for January growing at 11% selling 9,13,287 vehicles in US market. US consumers are very interested in buying new and used cars. New car buying is being encouraged in US with new technology models because of increasing employment and income, Low interest rates and easy vehicle loan opportunities.

For January Chrysler topped with 44% sales growth selling 1,01,149 vehicles- the best monthly sales since 2008. Ford motors also received positive sales results in January with 136,710 units sales to get 7% growth rate. GM also showed sales growth at 6% for January month.

Nissan motors reported an appreciable sales growth in North America, it reported a 10.4% growth rate and sold 79,313 units in January.
Honda motors got a positive response in the market with their product sales, it received 9.3% sales growth for January, 2012. Honda’s new CR-V model performed well in the market, it reported 18,960 units sales with 16.0% sales growth. Civic reported 49.5% sales growth and Accord reported 1.5% sales growth.

Luxury car Volkswagen sales in US were also up with 47.9% and sold 27,209 units. Toyota motors also received positive sales growth in US with 4.6% which is more than last year.