Land Rover Sales Up For January, 2012 In US

US luxury car segment also had positive sales growth. Land Rover cars received good market response with appreciable sales. Land Rover reported its sales for January at 3,205 units to increase sales growth at 41% which is more than last year’s.

In Land Rover’s “Range Rover Evoque” delivered into market recently, saw the sales growth for January month. Evoque model helped to increase the Land Rover sales in January. Dave Mr. Edwards, general manager of Greater Boston Land Rover dealership Land Rover Peabody said, “Evoque attracted lot of positive interest from the auto market, which is important where luxury car buying is possible”.

Land Rover models are performing well. For December Winding Road magazine, digital automotive publication chose Land Rover’s LR4 model and placed it as best car list of 2012. Winding Road editors praising LR4 abilities it is more comfortable and styled for driving in mud, rock, sleet and snow.

Land Rover is extending their market performance with Evoque. Evoque extremely good and offers various driving benefits to car users who have already have experienced LR4 providing extreme classic Land Rover.