US Auto Dealers Estimate Record Sales in 2012

New car sales in US is increasing. The country’s economic growth encouraging car sales in US. Dealers in US increasing their average vehicle sales and they are expecting their average sales contribution to increase with recorded growth rate.

Average sales of US auto dealers in 2011 was 715. Their forecast sales for 2012 is 785 vehicles which is more than average sales of 2000 (784 vehicles). 100 more auto dealers have added in US and their current number is 17,767- all sell vehicles.

GM and Chrysler are the top contributors in US Auto industry they are having around 2,200 dealership networks in the country. Additionally Fiat added 135 dealership and Chrysler Jeep Dodge added 50 dealerships in 2011. Ford is also consolidating their dealership networks.

In US the performance of the franchises also decreasing more. In 2011 franchises were decreased to 2.4% with 30,098 to 29,380 because of huge losses of mercury brand.

Dealers are expecting for 2012 sales with good growth and they are using internet facilities in their dealership. Dealers are generating 80-90 leads from the Internet facilities to increase sales.