Steps to Follow When Learning a New Language

An overview
Language is a medium for communication and each one of us is proficient in atleast one of the language. This appears petty enough when we learn the fact that more than 6000 languages exist all over the world and we only one.

Learning a foreign language is fun and interesting. It develops the overall personality of a human being. Though learning a new language may appear tough to beginners but if approached in a systematic and logical way, you will find it much easier. In this article we will discuss about the basic and advanced level of learning a new language.

Basic level learning
Basic level of learning is to develop only speaking and listening skills in a language. There are people who want to learn language when they are traveling. They can learn it in a very short span provided they start it at the moment they decide the trip. Once you have chosen the language you want to learn, next are just some series of steps.

  • The first one is to get hold of words that are used every day. Some words remain same from language to language. They are called ‘cognates’. Learn them. Make sure you learn enough. The value of ‘enough’ depends on the level you want to achieve.
  • Now that you have some words in your hand, jump to sentences. Find simple sentences in that language and try to learn them and use them. Use smart phones to enhance your learning process with the help of apps.
  • Learn simple grammar that will help you to frame sentences correctly. Practice it. Try to speak simple sentences. Start interacting in that language and conversing with the people whenever possible. You may befriend someone over internet for the same.
  • Now get an accent. Continue with your friend for the purpose. Ask him for suggestions or hire a tutor. You can invariably go online and find some videos to pick up accent. Never forget to implement them by conversing and practicing. Over the time you will be good at it.

Advanced level learning
Once done with the basic level, you may opt for the advanced level based on your interest. Business class who want to communicate in written form should develop advanced level for business communication purposes. It will serve them better in the long run. If you are proficient in your basic levels, you are in the initial phases of the advanced levels itself. Other steps are just as simple to follow.

  • Start conversing in that language whenever possible. If you do not find any one in your group, you may find some online, try different topics with them each time so that you don’t get bored.
  • Fix short term goals towards a greater goal and approach towards it. Try to find resources to help you out. It is advisable to get hold of a tutor through online course or joining some local coaching institute.
  • Once you think, you have enough to proceed, try reading newspapers, articles, blogs and literature works in that language.
  • Keep practicing and with time you will get better and better with the language.

Things to remember
When learning a new language, don’t try to force yourself too hard on it. You will need time to develop temperament and habit to that language. Let yourself evolve rather than forcing. Hence you must not make any goals that are not realistic. You will end up getting demotivated. You should make smart goals that are small and realistic. You can work on deadlines for the same to ensure that you are progressing at a good pace.