Why Crowns and bridges are recommended by dentists?

Generally, crowns are placed as dental caps on top of the tooth above the gum line to restore its functionality, appearance and structure. People having damaged teeth, cavities or implants go for this procedure because it looks like almost natural teeth matching with the original color. Based on the purpose for which it is being used, they can be made of different materials. Implant crowns that are meant to fit into the dental implants, are typically made of ceramic or porcelain material, comes in the same color matching with the original tooth. Stainless steel crowns are generally recommended as metal caps to restore decayed molar teeth and prevent it from decaying. When two or more crowns are combined together with false or anchoring teeth in between then it is called a dental bridge. Unlike dentures which can be removed and cleaned easily everyday, crowns and bridges are taken out only by a dentist because they are cemented or fixed to the gum line.

When would dentist advise a crown?

The procedure to fix a crown is very common in cosmetic dentistry, especially if the patient has damaged or discolored tooth. Let us see some of the instances where dentists recommend particular type of crown to the patient –
If the patient has a fractured or damaged tooth which needs restoration or protection from falling out, then a crown is recommended by the dentist. If more than one tooth is lost and gap is left between the teeth, then bridges are attached, with crowns connected on either side of the empty space to the natural teeth. The replacement teeth called pontics are then fixed to these bridges to improve the functionality and aesthetics.
It is a common practice to remove the decayed part before filling the cavities, but sometimes if the damage is more severe, or if the patient had gone through a root canal treatment, crowns are recommended on top of the original teeth.
People feel awkward to talk or smile when they have discolored or misaligned teeth. In such cases, crowns made from ceramic or porcelain having natural tooth color are attached to bring back the natural appearance.

How crowns are fitted into your teeth?

Fitting of the crown happens in two stages – while in the first visit the impression of the tooth is taken whereas in the second stage the final crown is adjusted and fitted permanently into the tooth. As a preliminary process, dentists clean the decayed or weakened parts, reshape the tooth to fit perfectly into the crown and then take the impression to send it to the laboratory for making the exact mold. They prepare the tooth for final fitting and cover it with an acrylic or temporary one so that when the patient comes for the second visit, they can simply remove it and cement the final permanent crown. Once the procedure is done, it is important to follow certain food habits and oral health practices to care for the dental crown and keep it long lasting for many years.