Will Goolge’s Universal Translator Match Qualified Translators

Google is yet to invent smartphone technology to translate foreign languages instantaneously. Within next few years, it is said to pioneer a technology that will convert spoken words into a different languages. The voice translation service from Google is said to mimic a human interpreter.

But how far it is going to be successful? It sounds good to hear but can this be implemented in realty? Or it is just a theoretic expression? To be frank, it is very difficult for a machine to recognize various accents and feelings of a person. Speaking style will be different from person to person. So don’t get carried away by the news and think practically.

Translations and interpretations need human expertise as every word has a specific intensity, which humans only can understand! No one can ever take place of professional, qualified translators who can satisfy the customers’ requirements.

Make sure that you take help of professional translators instead of getting waiting for a service, which is still in its early stages and has no guarantee that it will come up and sustain.

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