CTN on February 29th, 2012

Electronics usage is increasing in everyday life, people are using electronics to getting easy lifestyles. Comfortable usage of electronics boosting the sales, consumer electronics having more demand in the market with features. New technology advancing electronics usages in homes or offices. New technology in consumer electronics enables easy installation and maintenance of appliances. New appliances […]

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CTN on February 27th, 2012

Today, we can’t imagine our life without consumer electronics. They help us a lot in our everyday activities. New technology in consumer electronics is making wonders and portable appliances are ruling. Portable appliances are new technological innovations which are becoming more popular because of their performance and stylish designs. Portable technology is changing the appearance, […]

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ctnuser4 on February 25th, 2012

Organic farming is an agricultural system or method of growing crops and raising animals that seeks to provide you, the consumer, with fresh, tasty and authentic food while respecting natural life-cycle systems. Below are some of the benefits of Organic Farming: Organic farming is more profitable than traditional old-age farming methods because farmers can reduce […]

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CTN on February 23rd, 2012

Baby nurseries are the places where babies spend their beginning days. Until they learn to walk and see the outside world, the nursery is everything to them, that is their world. They will develop a first impression about the world by looking at their surroundings. So, if you want to introduce the world as the […]

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CTN on February 13th, 2012

India’s largest car manufacturing company Maruti Suzuki, suffered again with their low sales in July 2011, compared to the sales of last year during same period. Maruti Suzuki managed to sell 75,330 vehicles for July month and has registered a decline in sales percentage of 25%. The main reason behind this decline in sales is, […]

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CTN on February 13th, 2012

With the completion of half of the year, so many new cars have visited the Indian auto market with new features. For the first half of 2011, we saw so many new cars like Etios Liva, Beat Diesel, Ford Fiesta and many more. Still, more models are yet to be launched by this year end. […]

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CTN on February 13th, 2012

Delegates of the ILO’s triparitate meeting on the auto manufacturing sector, which was held four years ago, have said that, the U.S auto industry will become the biggest casuality of the economic recession. But as per the latest reports, it is one of the biggest sector, which is recovering on a faster rate. As per […]

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ctnuser4 on February 13th, 2012

Though electric vehicles are stealing the spotlight due to zero emissions, these cars are seeing a downfall due to poor driving range. Especially in urban America, an electric car can only travel not more than 100 miles on a full charge. Volvo Car Corporation is making an attempt to change the above situation by developing […]

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CTN on February 13th, 2012

Mexican production of cars and light weight vehicles rose 240,080 units in March 2011, a 23 percent rise from the same month a year earlier. Exports of vehicles rose 17.8 percent month to 192,783 units. March’s output and exports had set a monthly record in the industry. Domestic sales were found to increase 14.8 percent […]

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The CVPH Medical center in Plattsburgh, has seen a drastic increase in the number of people admitting in their emergency department, suffering complications from a synthetic form of marijuana. Most of them are in critical condition and this shows the severity in the condition of drug abuse. After observing the cases which are admitted with […]

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