According to the survey conducted by the city’s Department of Health, which was published in Wall Street Journal, after marijuana, New yorkers are taking painkillers illegally more than any other drugs. During 2008-2009, approximately 850,000 New yorkers over the age of 12, who constitute 14% of the population revealed that marijuana is the most common […]

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CTN on March 30th, 2012

K2, a designer drug also known as spice is widely found in many parts of the state. Number of people are getting addicted to this deadly drug which shows more adverse effects on humans health. The present story is about the Washtenaw County where this drug is mostly in use. It is available in almost […]

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ctnuser4 on March 23rd, 2012

The latest news figures that, UK government takes more than three times on motoring taxes than what it is actually spending on roads. In 2010, fuel taxes have raised around £27 billion for the treasury, in which about £5 billion is figured only from vehicle excise duty (VED). The Department for Transport (DfT) has showed […]

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Nowadays every person is using the mobile for their communication purpose. People are using mobile for many services such as entertainment, to take pictures, for internet access, etc,. Present days many mobiles are coming with many wide features. Many new features have been added to mobile phones since the last decade. Now many mobile companies […]

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Most of the smart phone users are intended to use their phone for mobile banking. ABI research market report has announced that 50% of the smart phone users are planning to use their devices for the mobile banking. In its survey of 2000 consumer technology users, ABI said that half the responding users already or […]

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ctnuser4 on March 16th, 2012

Japanese car makers are making their reentry with their new 2012 Honda CR-V model which went out of the market to undergo developments. This 2011 model is technically advanced to return into market as new Honda CR-V. They are coming in lower price ranges which is very comfortable to all car users. New 2012 CR-V […]

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